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💰💰 $95,000+ ERROR 💰💰

How much of your estimated tax was paid on January 15th? Whatever it was, it was probably too high.

Small business people believe their accountant is helping them save money on taxes, which is one of the major issues in this nation, and they aren’t the majority of the time.

However, they are only preparing the return for compliance.

While we do offer assistance with compliance, our approach encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects:

👉 Individuals

👉 Sole Proprietorships (Schedule C)

👉 Partnerships

👉 Corporations

👉 Override Deductions

👉 Net Investment Income Tax

👉 Marginal & Effective Tax Rate

👉 Custom Strategies

👉 Multi-Year

👉 Multi-Entity

👉 Deductions

👉 Phaseouts

👉 Credits

It is heart-wrenching to see small business owners making thousand-dollar mistakes from an assumption. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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