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⏰ The clock is ticking, and the retroactive changes to R&D tax credits are here, starting with your 2022 business taxes! If unprepared, you could be hit with a massive tax bill and penalties that could sink your business. 💸

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During this exclusive online event, our expert will guide you through the recent changes to R&D tax credits, how they impact your business, and what steps you can take to maximize your tax credits. We’ll cover everything you need to know about the tax law changes in R&D tax credits, from identifying eligible technologies and innovations to documenting expenses.🖥️🔬

By attending our webinar, you’ll gain valuable insights into how you can apply this approach to your business and maximize your R&D tax credits. We’ll help you identify eligible expenses, document expenses, and ensure that your R&D activities and expenses comply with the latest changes in the tax law.

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