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How to Avoid Tax Penalties By Disclosing a Return Position: The Art of the Tax Disclosure.

It cannot be denied. The IRS Form 8275, which I lovingly refer to as the Disclosure Statement. A form that keeps my clients and me out of trouble (most of the time). It can also benefit you in the same way.

A properly filled-out Form 8275 will protect taxpayers from accuracy-related penalties resulting from:

  1. A significant understatement of income tax.
  2. Remove exposure to a 40% penalty for transactions lacking economic substance, and
  3. Reduce return preparer penalties for tax understatements brought on by unreasonable positions or rules-related disregard.

One form used to achieve everything!!

But Form 8275 is more than just a smart penalty-defense move; it also serves as a means of cost reduction for our clients.

Generally speaking, a tax position can be supported in 2 ways: with considerable authority or with a reasonable basis and Form 8275. Considerable authority requires a significant amount of research hours.

Less labor translates into lower professional fees, which benefits my clients despite my self-interest.

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