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Are tax preparers essential? Yes, but not all tax preparers are tax planners: TAX PLANNING in 2021 = Huge Tax Savings at Tax Time.

Are Tax Preparers Essential

Planning and Preparation are Key

Success rarely happens by luck. Instead, planning and preparation are two key components necessary for realizing a prosperous outcome. Wealth is directly correlated to sound investments, hard work, and an IRS-compliant tax savings plan.

When it comes to taxes, we measure success by saving you money! Palma Financial Services, Inc. provides concierge tax services around the principle of using a proactive tax planning approach. We find your wasted tax dollars, educate you on the cost of your mistakes and missed opportunities.

How We Help You

Our process begins with designing a custom tax savings plan based on IRS-approved tax strategies. We implement the tax savings plan after you approve your master tax plan.

We start with a thorough review of past tax filings, current financial statements, and your plans.

Once we identified the mistakes and missed opportunities. We will craft a tax plan to rectify and take full advantage of every possible tax strategy relevant to your unique situation. We’ll discuss each idea or recommendation’s pros and cons and decide which strategies to implement and when.

You will walk away with both a clear expectation of your future tax savings (we hate tax surprises as much as you do!). And a documented tax plan and savings result from our proactive planning process.

Try Our Tax Planning and Preparation Services

If you’re ready to take the guesswork out of your taxes and save money along the way, then Palma Financial tax planning services are what you need. Next time, when someone asks you “Are tax preparers essential?”, you’ll know what to answer!

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