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Cost Segregation

Trump’s Tax “Reform” Plan Will Hammer Californians

How could any member of the California Congressional Delegation think this plan is good for the Golden State?

Here at Palma Financial Services, Inc., we are mostly concerned about the proposed elimination of deductions for state and local income taxes, the capping of property tax deductions at $10,000.00 and the House plan’s limits on mortgage interest deductions. The write-offs are common in high-tax regions, such as the greater San Francisco, Bay Area.


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Real Estate Investors Utilize Infinite Banking Concept

Real Estate Investors Utilize Infinite Banking Concept

Whether using this strategy for down payments or entire property purchases, the infinite banking concept enhances the real estate investor’s overall returns.

The concept and reasons for using this concept are highlighted in our blog: Becoming the Bank to Beat the Bank | Palma Financial Services, Inc.

Infinite Banking Concept Additional Benefits


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