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At Palma Financial, we are committed to helping you increase revenue and profitability so that you can thrive in the post-COVID economy. Do you know exactly how much cash can last you with a drop in revenue?What about an increase?If your revenue is increasing, are you taking it home? Regardless of your situation, you need a CFO to help you save or grow your business during and after the Covid economy.

Is your CPA Proactively Working for You?

Did your CPA help you secure the SBA PPP and Disaster Loans?

Are they helping you improve your liquidity by securing the maximum loan forgiveness?

Are they helping you take advantage of all the tax credits and loopholes in the CARES Act?

Are they helping you maximize your cash flow by securing grants, loans and improving your profitability?

Are they keeping you abreast of the latest developments from the SBA U.S. Treasury and the White House?

Are they merely preparing your income taxes and telling you how much you owe?

Are they actively cutting your taxes with your own five-year master tax plan?

Have they put together a financial plan for you, your business, and your family?

Has your CPA helped you develop a game plan to survive these uncertain times?

Is your CPA meeting with you every month?

Has your CPA been missing in action during the last twelve months?

Is your CPA helping you save the business by Pivoting during the Pandemic?

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Hopefully, this article has been able to help you consider if and when your small business needs a Virtual CFO. If you’re ready to explore getting Virtual CFO help, I’d love to talk with you about you and your business’ needs.

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