Major Client Win: $1.9 EIDL Loan Approved After 9x Denied

Major Client Win: $1.9 EIDL Loan Approved after the SBA denied his application 9 times.

Another one of our clients found financial relief through SBA’s EIDL program.

Our client had his SBA EIDL loan approved today for $1.9 Million after being turned down nine times over 18 months.

The program ends Friday, May 6, 2022.

If you are interested and have not reached your maximum eligibility, you should apply by May 6, 2022, the last day to submit any loan increase or reconsideration requests for COVID EIDL.

The EIDL provides low-interest emergency working capital to help save businesses since the pandemic has lasted longer than expected, and they need larger loans.

Mr. W.D. stated, “Your team made it happen. This loan will allow me to pay the high-interest rate loans we took out to survive COVID. We can now move forward with our business plans disrupted by the pandemic. .”

YES!!! A Happy Client, Approved for $1,900,000 SBA EIDL.

This client tried many times and got rejected each time.

Sometimes it takes time, a process & expertise to deal with the SBA on these loans to get the funds.

He soon realized it was not worth spending his time & energy on this; it’s better to get expert help.

Time is of the essence; contact us today for your SBA Assessment.