Food Shortages, Gas Prices, 2022 Recession - Palma Financial

Your customers are scared.

The economy doesn’t look good.

The stock market could dump at any time.

There are supply chain issues with boats being delayed across the glove.

The Fed has printed so much money since 2008 that the bubble might be ready to burst.

With recession possibly at our doorsteps, as a business owner, the number ONE thing you need to do is to organize and project your cash flow.


To start, we need to assess how much is outflowing to the IRS in quarterly tax estimates and identify where you can begin saving money on those tax payments.

Since we have been successful in informing and helping our clients utilize the evolving tax code, we figured it would be helpful to showcase what has worked and things to watch out for.

Let’s start to map out the plan together on a zoom call. You can click here to schedule your free assessment.

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