Grow Your Wealth and Get a Significant Tax Deduction

What is a family office?

Manages family’s investments in a one-stop shop that a family member or members control.

Also, a family office structure can simplify family succession matters and pool assets to provide profitable investment options that might not otherwise be accessible. An adequately set up family office can also result in significant tax savings and advantages.

A family office offers various services, including:

  • Legal assistance,
  • Private banking,
  • Treasury management,
  • Wealth management,
  • Legacy planning,
  • Insurance and,
  • Estate planning,
  • Accounting,
  • Tax Planning and Preparation

What Are the Benefits of a Family Office?

Allows you to shift income to the family office from your investments or corporation to cover expenses that otherwise would not be deductible by the individuals in their income tax returns.

Want to take advantage of the family office’s proactive tax-saving strategy? Do you want to deduct expenses that are generally not deductible for individuals? 

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