Guiding Principles of a Financial Professional - Palma Financial

As a financial professional, my responsibility is to make recommendations, regardless of our compensation, to achieve your goals. I have a fiduciary duty to make recommendations that are in the best interest of the client.

Throughout the course of our lives, we arrive at various important financial milestones a home purchase, college funding, weddings and retirement, to name a few. A proper planning process requires the understanding that all important financial decisions should not be considered independently of one another. Rather, all financial goals should be considered collectively, with a lifelong financial roadmap designed to take into account all financial objectives.

Years of Financial Services from Miguel Palma

Miguel A Palma, owner and head accountantMy fiduciary responsibility and the recommendations I make are based upon the following core principles, maximizing economic opportunity through:

Safety money is not subject to risk of market loss.

Control have complete control over your money, and immediate access to your funds whenever you want/need it, for whatever reason, with no penalties or restrictions.

Efficiency keeping tax laws in mind when developing strategies.

Predictability having confidence about the amount of money you will have at any point in the future, thereby providing peace-of-mind.

Holistic focus on every financial goal throughout ones entire lifespan, rather than addressing each goal separately.

Full Disclosure your interests are always paramount, we will disclose our compensation, if you implement any of our strategies.