The IRS is planning to get busy. Should you? | Inflation Reduction Act

Inside President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act is $80 billion for the Internal Revenue Service.

The Inflation Reduction Act Explained

Picture this. It is more than six times the current annual budget ($12.6 billion).

The Wall Street Journal described the IRS as going into “Beast Mode.”

With increased enforcement…the IRS will be looking to take even more money from you, the taxpayer.

What should you do?
What should a PROACTIVE CPA be doing for you?

Think about it like this:

The IRS is trying to get American taxpayers to pay everything they owe…so shouldn’t your accountant be making an effort to get you all the savings you deserve?

You need help with proactive tax planning and regular meetings to monitor your tax situation.

You can quickly start with the tax planning process of reviewing 1700 tax strategies to reduce your taxes legally.

Think of the expansion of the IRS as an excellent opportunity to move beyond basic tax prep and compliance… and onward with proactive tax advisory to generate actual savings!

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