Do You Rely On Your Spouse To Prepare Tax Returns?

Were you aware of an income windfall, but your spouse didn’t tell you the correct amount?

Have you received a letter from the IRS about back taxes due that surprised you?

Have you always relied on your spouse to prepare your tax returns?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, you may be able to get innocent or injured spouse relief from the penalties and the taxes due by your spouse so that your credit is not hindered and you can get on with your financial life.

Innocent or Injured Spouses Relief

The United States tax law includes a provision that can grant relief to people who did not know their spouses were misstating their taxes due. In certain situations, you can apply for innocent or injured spouse relief. (Injured spouse means financially injured, not physically injured, in this case.)

But, it would be best if you qualify first.

How We Can Help

If you feel you might be in a situation where the IRS is trying to collect money from you, and your spouse should have the debt, we may help. Here are the ways we can help an innocent or injured spouse with IRS tax debt:

  • We can consult with you to assess your situation.
  • We can explain the options you have for applying for tax relief.
  • We can act as your representative to the IRS to handle your case.
  • We can complete the forms necessary to apply for relief.
  • We can access your IRS file to understand their records about your situation.
  • We can negotiate your case with the IRS officer.

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