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Tax Strategies To Implement

Webinar: 8 Ways to Stop Overpaying the IRS

Date: December 7, 2022
Time: 11 a.m PST / 2 p.m EST
Presenter: Miguel A. Palma, CPA, PFS, CGMA & Tax Advisor

Do you want to maximize your tax deductions? Do you want to keep your business profitable and operate in the long term? Get the most from your hard work by reducing taxes, expanding benefits, and increasing productivity!

FREE webinar for business owners like you who find yourself asking questions like:

  • Why did I get this HUGE tax bill I was not expecting?
  • Why is my tax payment the biggest expense in my business right now?
  • How can I offer benefits to my employees with tax savings opportunities?
  • How do I build my personal wealth while saving money on my taxes?

This webinar will teach you to…

  1. Properly structure your home’s tax strategy so you can save significant money and make your home work for you.
  2. Donate to charity in a manner that maximizes your tax savings opportunities.
  3. Ensure your business pays the least amount of tax by proper structuring.
  4. Be aware of the tax do’s and don’ts when trading stocks and cryptos.
  5. Choose optimal retirement options for your personal tax situation and for employees.
  6. Make sure your spending and expenses are properly organized so they contribute to your tax savings.
  7. Use your tax savings to increase your personal wealth by ten times.
  8. Learn a workaround to deduct your state income tax payments.

Join our upcoming webinar, and stop the bleeding by tax overpayment with Palma’s webinar.

Instead of just scraping the surface of your potential each year, stop overpaying the IRS, and get the most from your hard earned money.

See you (and your tax savings) soon!

Webinar: 8 Ways to Stop Overpaying the IRS

Let Palma Be Your Tax Partner and CFO You Need!

As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Personal Financial Specialist (PFS), and a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), I have the experience and knowledge to save as much money as possible from the government.

In my time with my business, I have helped my clients, just like you, minimize their taxes and look forward to a clear, focused, and well-planned financial future.

Using my decades of experience with the US tax system, I have identified ten significant mistakes filers make when doing their taxes on their own or even with other CPAs or financial professionals. These mistakes can be easily avoided or fixed, and the guide that I have created can help you navigate common pitfalls.

Our team can help you implement over 60 court-proven strategies to cut your taxes.