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2023 Tax Strategies for a Recession: Achieving Real Estate Professional Status for Investors and Business Owners

Why You Pay More Taxes Than a Trillion-Dollar Corporation Does!!

Date: March 22 , 2023
Time: 10 a.m PST
Host: Miguel A. Palma, CPA, and Tax Advisor.

Why You Pay More Taxes Than a Trillion-Dollar Corporation Does!!

Date: March 22 , 2023
Time: 10 a.m PST
Host: Miguel A. Palma, CPA, and Tax Advisor.

A Must-Attend Webinar for Business Owners, Contractors, and Freelancers!

Are you tired of feeling like you’re paying more taxes than you should while large corporations seem to get away with paying next to nothing? As a business owner, contractor, or freelancer, you likely feel more impact than most. Join us for this must-attend Webinar and discover how to level the playing field.

In just 45 minutes, we’ll explore why individuals and small businesses often pay more taxes than large corporations and reveal the most effective tax loopholes and deductions to help you reduce your tax liability. We’ll also discuss recent efforts to reform corporate taxation, including proposed changes to the tax code that could help level the playing field for small businesses and individuals.

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to learn from expert tax professionals and industry leaders. Register now and invite your friends to join you.

What will you get out of this webinar?

  • How to use the tax code to your advantage, like the wealthiest individuals (Bezos and Musk).
  • The most common tax loopholes and deductions used by large corporations and how you can apply them to your small business.
  • Recent updates and proposed changes to corporate taxation that could impact your business.
  • Practical strategies for managing your taxes more effectively and having more cash in hand, even during a recession.
  • President Biden’s proposed tax increases.
  • And more!

This Webinar is perfect for small business owners, contractors, freelancers, and anyone looking to optimize their tax strategy.

Register now and discover how to fix your unfair tax burden!

Let Palma Be Your Tax Partner and CFO You Need!

As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Personal Financial Specialist (PFS), and a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), I have the experience and knowledge to save as much money as possible from the government.

In my time with my business, I have helped my clients, just like you, minimize their taxes and look forward to a clear, focused, and well-planned financial future.

Using my decades of experience with the US tax system, I have identified ten significant mistakes filers make when doing their taxes on their own or even with other CPAs or financial professionals. These mistakes can be easily avoided or fixed, and the guide that I have created can help you navigate common pitfalls.

Our team can help you implement over 60 court-proven strategies to cut your taxes.