Master Tax Class for Business Owners - Palma Financial

Are you struggling to make sense of your taxes?

Do you feel like you’re overpaying the IRS every year?

Did you get a HUGE tax bill you were not expecting?

If so, join us for our upcoming webinar, “8 Ways to Stop Overpaying the IRS.

This webinar will teach you:

  1. Be aware of the tax do’s and don’ts when trading stocks and cryptos.
  2. Choose optimal retirement options for your tax situation and employees.
  3. Ensure your spending and expenses are properly organized to contribute to your tax savings.
  4. Use your tax savings to increase your wealth by ten times.
  5. Learn a workaround to deduct your state income tax payments.

And much more!

Don’t let the IRS take advantage of you any longer. To ensure you get the most out of your hard work, save your spot for this free webinar here!

Here are the details:

Date: December 07, 2022
Time: 11 a.m PST / 2 p.m EST
Presenter: Miguel A. Palma, CPA, PFS, & Tax

See you there!

Can’t attend? Leave a message with the word “recording” in it, and I’ll send you the recording right away after we’re done.