President’s Budget Proposal May Affect Your Real Estate Investments - Palma Financial

Are you investing in real estate or planning to invest soon? The Biden Administration’s new budget proposal partially eliminates the 1031 exchange, a tax code provision that real estate investors have long used to defer capital gains taxes on property sales. This proposal may have significant implications for your real estate investments.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Under the proposed changes, the 1031 exchange would be limited to $500,000 of gains per year for each taxpayer ($1 million for married couples filing jointly).
  • Any gains above this limit would be subject to immediate taxation.
  • The proposed changes would only apply to taxpayers with more than $500,000 in annual gross income.

While these changes are only in the proposal stage, staying informed and being proactive in your real estate investments is important. Now may be the time to evaluate your investment strategy and consider alternative tax-deferred investment options.

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