Student Loans Are Cancelled, How About Taxes? | Proactive Tax Planning

If $10k student loans are being canceled, what about canceling TAXES? In our tax and accounting firm, we may not “cancel” YOUR income taxes, but we can indeed “REDUCE” them.

Listen up: You can reduce your tax bill THIS YEAR. All it takes is a bit of PROACTIVE tax planning, which we can do for you by sifting through 1,700 tax strategies.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine your friendly CPA telling you, “You owed the IRS $58k…but our team created a tax plan that will allow you to pay $5k legally.

“Your response is “WOW!” how do I sign up? or

Thank you! How much will this service cost?”

Their response “I’ll include your tax prep with the tax plan for $15k.” Many people will logically see the value, but they may have to explain how you are trading $15k for $58k, a surplus of $43k even after the fees.

Who wouldn’t do that?

Using proactive tax planning to reduce their income taxes legally.

Do you want to see how it works… and how you can start saving this year and going forward?

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