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Sell Your Home to Your S Corp to Convert it into A Rental

A couple sells their primary home to their S corporation.

Can they rent the house from the S corporation?

The strategy behind creating an S corporation and then selling your home to that corporation comes into play when:

  • You want to convert your home to a rental property and take advantage of the exclusions, or
  • You need more time to sell the home to realize the benefits of the $250,000 exclusion ($500,000 if filing a joint return).

With this strategy, one question often comes up: If a married couple sells their home to their S corporation to be a rental property, can the owners be the renters?

The Answer? 

No. In this situation, the tax code treats your S corporation as you, the individual taxpayer, and thus you would be renting from yourself, which would produce no tax benefits.

In effect, the S corporation renting the residence to its owner is the same as homeowners renting their residence to themselves, and it produces no tax benefits.         

On the other hand, your S corporation could rent the home for use as a principal residence to your son or daughter or other related parties, and the tax code would treat that rental the same as any rental to a third party.

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