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Tax Planning & Preparation

Palma financial services, inc. Was founded around the principle of using a proactive approach to tax planning.

Find Your Wasted Tax Dollars

Educate You In The Cost Of Mistakes and Missed Opportunities

Create Tax Savings for You By Implementing Irs-approved Strategies

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Tax Planning Designed To Minimize Your Taxes


Our Dublin tax preparation & planning team will develop a minimization strategy tailored for you or your company’s goals for years to come.

Tax Planning Leader

Palma Financial Services, Inc. is the leading tax planner in Dublin, CA. That’s because we don’t blindly follow the top names in our field, nor do we lump everyone into a few predetermined categories.

The truth is, most financial institutions push their CPAs and Personal Finance Specialists to emphasize the funding of today’s “tax write-off” retirement plans. We don’t do this. Our tax planning professionals are more interested in looking at tax class diversification and planning for the uncertainty of the global economic future.

Proactive Guide

As financial planners, we should be educating our clients about what the financial realities of tax deferred investments and how the instant gratification of tax deferment is actually a dangerous investing tool used to seduce some investors.

Our financial planning team works harder to help you understand the full implications of your tax planning decisions, so you can always choose the plan of action that will serve you the best down the road, and for years to come.

Representing You with the IRS

Lowering Tax Liabilities

A solid tax plan will lower your tax liabilities while staying compliant, and proactively ensure that your tax bill stays as low as possible.

Record Reporting And Retention

We report directly to the IRS for you and maintain a strict list of important documents for retention, should you ever need assistance in an audit.

Understanding Your Tax Bracket

The laws around individual and business income taxes change frequently. We stay up to date with all changes in all 50 states and US territories so you stay compliant.

Understanding Common Mistakes

Millions of dollars are left on the table each year by taxpayers because of simple and common mistakes. We fix this for you to get you the most money possible.

Deductions vs. Credits

Many business owners and wealthy individuals are not taking the proper credits or deductions when doing their taxes. We will ensure your plan takes every possible advantage at your disposal.

Itemization VS Standard Deduction

When should you itemize your tax return? When should you take the standard deduction? We take the guesswork out of your taxes and plan accordingly.