Small Business Owners Weigh In On Tax Cuts | Blog

By Kelly Phillips Erb,

When it comes to tax, everyone has an opinion about whats best for small businesses.

President Obama has told us what small businesses want.
Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has told us what small businesses want.
Congress has told us what small businesses want.

But small businesses havent really told us what they want. I suspect its because no one has bothered to ask. So I did.

I recently asked small business owners across the country to chime in on tax and economic policy. I wanted them to truly represent American small businesses so I focused on owners from different industries and varying locations. I also wanted them to have similarities: each has employees (ranging from 3 to 100) and their companies grossed at least $250,000 last year (the magical Joe the Plumber number that most politicians pin their tax rhetoric on).

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