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Start Your Tax Planning Now For 2018

Reduce or Eliminate Taxes By Using Our Proven Strategies!

To achieve maximum tax savings, you should be talking with your CPA now on appropriate strategies. Its especially important to get an early start this year because the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has substantially changed the tax environment.

Are you selling Stock Options or Appreciated Real Estate Taxes?

Plan Now For 2018 Taxes

Palma Financial Services, Inc. offers a number of strategies to help wage earners and self-employed individuals eliminate or minimize their income taxes.

Learn how to reduce your income taxes or minimize your capital gain taxes.

All of the strategies though must be implemented prior to year-end 2018.

Last year, early planning was challenged because it was uncertain whether tax reform legislation would be signed into law, when it would go into effect and what it would include.

This year, the TCJA tax reform legislation is in place, with most of the provisions affecting individuals in effect for 20182025.

The total impact of these changes is what will ultimately determine which tax strategies will make sense for you this yearsuch as the best way to time income and expenses. You may need to chuck out old strategies that previously worked for you and implement some new ones.

Holding off and waiting to put a strategy in place may just reduce the savings that you could achieve from early planning. Remember, these strategies must be implemented before the end of the year.

Palma Financial Services, Inc. is the leading tax service in Dublin, California because we dont blindly follow the top names in our field, nor do we lump everyone into a few predetermined categories.

Our tax planning professionals are interested in looking at tax class diversification and planning for the uncertainty of the global economic future. We are experienced Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)

We will make the process pain free!

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