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You’ve built a successful career. Are you building a successful retirement? If there was a way to legitimately deduct $350,000 or more per year from your taxes while funding your secure retirement, would you want to take a look? A Defined Benefit Pension Plan provides for large current tax deductions and very high income in retirement. The business contributes enough money to create a guaranteed income stream for each participant during retirement.

Is the Plan Right For You?

The plan works best for well-established companies that have excess cash available for making generous annual contributions. Ideal candidates include small, closely-held business with few employees, or highly compensated self-employed professionals.

Miguel Palma Founder Palma Financial Services Inc

This includes:

  • growers
  • farmers
  • pharmaceutical distributors
  • agriculture equipment wholesalers
  • accountants
  • real estate investors
  • loan brokers
  • realtors
  • consultants
  • mutually-owned cooperatives
  • physicians groups
  • lawyers
  • dental practices

Businesses can have other retirement plans. If you are getting a late start on your retirement (like many professionals and business owners do), this plan could be a great fit. However, if your income is very erratic or unpredictable year to year, this type of program is probably not for you.

What to Do Next?

Palma Financial Services, Inc. has the resources and the experience to help you implement your plan successfully. We have more than two decades of experience designing and maintaining these programs, and we employ tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled actuaries.

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