Kevin Punched His Accountant!| Tax Planning Services

Don’t Punch Your Accountant After You Read This!

Kevin was furious at his accountant (Brandon).

He clenched his fist and threw a haymaker.

Brandon ducked, Kevin jabbed with his left hand, and Brandon’s secretary raced out of the room, seeing a UFC-style fight commencing inside the office.

Before the police arrived, a chair was broken, a computer was on the floor, and Brandon had a soon-to-be black eye.

“I’m finding a new accountant,” yelled Kevin as he stormed out.

What caused this ridiculous drama?

Kevin let Brandon do his tax returns for the past eight years. As a small business owner, he wasn’t wealthy, but he was doing ok, pulling in multiple six-figures.

Typically, he paid the IRS between $65K and around $+90k yearly.

Then, he met an accountant ( who should remain nameless ) who did tax planning and found out he had overpaid a minimum of $20,000.

Kevin quickly did the math…and realized that Brandon had likely cost him over $150,000 over the years by NOT tax planning.

He walked into Brandon’s office and aggressively said, “Why didn’t you take these tax credits and deductions for me?”

Brandon replied, ‘That’s not my job,” and that’s when Kevin flew off the handle.

DON’T punch your accountant, but would you be happy to know how much money you are throwing away by not having a tax plan and quarterly meetings to review your tax position?

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