Tax Reduction & Asset Protection - Palma Financial

Are you interested in reducing your taxes? Of course you are, who isnt.

At Palma Financial Services, Inc., we specialize in building worry-free retirement plans for business owners and professionals through a combination of tax reduction and asset protection strategies.

Our clients are from diverse industries such as Construction Companies and Dental Practices. What they have in common is that they have utilized our services to reduce their taxes, on average, almost 40% each year they worked with our firm.

Over the past 15+ years we have saved our clients over $30,000,000 in income taxes.

During our initial consultations, topics to be discussed include the following:

1. Tax Reduction Strategies

What’s more important, tax savings or rate of return?

Beyond 401(k)s and SEP-IRAs, is there a way to move money out of your practice or business in a tax-efficient manner to yourself personally and to your business?

2. Asset Protection Strategies

In order to succeed in accumulating assets for retirement, two different types of assets need to be protected:

a. Investment Assets – Are you concerned about the gyrations in the stock market and, if so, is there a way to protect your current stock, bond and mutual fund investment values from loss?

b. Income As an Asset – In the event of a critical illness, is there a way to cover the cost associated with that illness, such as medical expenses not covered by health insurance and, the loss of business and therefore, personal income not covered by disability insurance?

It is not too late to lock in a possible 40% reduction in your 2013 Income Taxes however you must act NOW. For a free, no-pressure consultation from our tax planning & preparation consultants, call Palma Financial Services today. Our can help with your tax planning needs in Dublin, San Ramon, Livermore, and beyond, no matter what your financial situation is.