Tax Seminars for Business Owners


Tax Seminars

For The Savvy Business Owner

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Tax Seminars for Business Owners

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According to a report issued by the General Accounting Office, taxpayers overpay the IRS almost $950 million every year. As a business owner, are you sure that you are maximizing your deductions? Many business owners outsource their tax worries to professionals. However, it is important that you are able to understand and explain, if asked, how your accounts work while acquiring an understanding of your tax liabilities and options for saving money. You certainly don’t want to pay more taxes than required. Your business and employees are counting on you.

Benefits of becoming tax savvy as a business owner:

  • Maximize deductions for your business
  • Reduce your tax liability
  • Stop overpaying unnecessary taxes
  • Prevent tax mistakes that can be costly to your business

We teach you everything you need to know and do it faster than you think!

Class instruction schedule:
Corporate structure (LLC, Partnership, S-corp, Sole-prop)Igor Campos / Miguel Palma
What structure should I use and tax ramificationsMiguel Palma
Business depreciationIgor Campos
1031 exchangeMiguel Palma
Pension plans and life insuranceMiguel Palma
How much is your business worth?Igor Campos / Miguel Palma
Employee vs contractor and the benefits of eachIgor Campos
Schedule CIgor Campos
Tax payer advocateIgor Campos / Miguel Palma
Top 5 regulatory issues impacting your businessIgor Campos / Miguel Palma
Easy low cost ways to start your retirement planMiguel Palma

Classes are starting soon and space is limited. Cost per Student is $799.99

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