Terminate or Lower Profit-Sharing Agreement With the IRS

Are you a business owner?

How would you like to terminate or lower your profit-sharing agreement with the IRS? Most small business owners OVERPAY in taxes – are you?

You and I know that the cold, hard truth is that most small business owners and entrepreneurs are OVERPAYING taxes because they are not using tax strategies.

I am 100% sure you ARE OVERPAYING taxes, EVEN if you already have a CPA.

And I say this because:

Your accountant is busy preparing tax returns. But while your accountant is an expert in tax compliance, they may not be an expert in tax planning.

You make too much money, and you pay too much in taxes. But is it a good problem to have?

You don’t get the right tax advice; the only advice you get is, “Taxes Are Due.”

QUESTION: What are you doing right now to save money on taxes?

And I don’t mean putting money into a retirement or health savings account.

Are you using Tax Strategies that can help you reduce your taxes?

There are Tax Secrets that help you save on taxes.

I know that you, as a business owner, are thinking: “How Can I Reduce Money On Taxes?”

We both know there’s nothing worse than finding out you owe more taxes than you anticipated.

Why does this happen? Because there are:

1- No guidance
2- No tax advice
3- No Strategies
4- No Planning

It sucks!

And there is where Palma Financial comes in…

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