The S Corporation Owner's Guide to Reducing Taxes: 9 Proven Strategies to Save BIG! - Palma Financial

Are you tired of paying high individual income taxes? Are you ready to learn the secrets to maximizing your savings and reducing your taxes? If so, this webinar is for you!

Join us for “The S Corporation Owner’s Guide to Reducing Taxes: 9 Proven Strategies to Save BIG.” In this exclusive and game-changing webinar, you will discover:

  1. 9 proven tax strategies specifically designed for S Corporation owners
  2. How to optimize your salary and maximize your income as distributions
  3. How to avoid the typical mistakes all S Corp owners make
  4. The steps to establish a tax-free health insurance plan for yourself and your family
  5. How to utilize your home and your S Corporation to pay less in tax
  6. How to maximize your tax situation with home-office expenses and behaviors in your S Corporation for big tax deductions
  7. How to create tax-free benefit deductions for you and your family

And more!


Date: March 1st, 2023

Time: 10 a.m PST / 1 p.m EST

Presenter: Miguel A. Palma, CPA, PFS, CGMA & Tax Advisor

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P.S. Before filing your 2022 tax return, it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion. If you respond to this email, I would be happy to provide you with a review and estimate of how much you can potentially save for the 2022 tax year. Don’t wait; take action now.