Why Do I Need A Tax Innovator — Not Just A Preparer?

Why Do I Need A Tax Innovator — Not Just A Preparer?

Where a preparer organizes and gets something ready, an innovator combines knowledge and creative ideas toward the application of better solutions. A tax innovator is what you need in 2018.

You Need Tax Innovation

Every individuals’ tax circumstances are unique. At Palma Financial Services, Inc., tax innovation means crafting pragmatic, customized, scalable approaches utilizing disruptive technologies and best practices to unlock new value for our clients. Ultimately, this means that we save you money.

Think about this:

Is the IRS your partner—why are you working for them?

Are you paying over 40% of your income in taxes?

You Don’t Have to Anymore!

We can help you eliminate over 60% of your income taxes for the following income streams:

  • Ordinary Income
  • Capital Gains
  • Business Income

A tax preparer will help you pay what the IRS wants. A tax innovator will use the law to help you greatly reduce or eliminate what the IRS wanted.

Our ideas are tested and proven while being compliant with today’s tax laws.

Call us today! You need to act before 12/15 to reduce your income taxes for 2018.

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