Why I Love My Profession - Palma Financial

I have a client who for purposes of this article we shall call Bob. I have known Bob for over 15 years. Approximately 12 years ago Bob and I had a discussion about his young sons college education. Bob was concerned how he was going to pay for it. I proposed a life insurance policy as a means of college planning.

Fast-forward a dozen years, his son has just graduated from Concordia University in Montreal with a major in Film Production. For graduate work he had applied to the prestigious American Film Institute in Los Angeles. During the interview at AFI his son was asked how he was going to afford the nearly 100k tuition and living expenses, in which the son responded, My father did college planning many, many years ago anticipating this very day.

Bob and I got together recently on another matter and Bob told me the story about his sons acceptance at AFI. Bob was beaming. He could not be prouder. He took my hand into both of his and said to me, Thank you Miguel, you helped make this possible.

I left my meeting with Bob and drove back home feeling very good about myself. It wasnt just the look of pride on Bobs face or his appreciation, but the warm feeling that my expertise helped to make it possible.

At the end of the day its all about helping people and that is why I love my profession.

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