Your Complete College Advisor: It’s Far Better to Deal with One Advisor Than Many

Your child is in his or her last year of high school and soon you will need to make some big decisions regarding college.  But, where do you get all the information you need to make the wisest choice for you, your finances and your child.

So many factors need consideration; your student’s grades and interests, your finances, savings and tax status, desirable colleges, available funding, financial aid, scholarships and putting together the best package to make the colleges of choice vie for the chance to educate your child.

With so much to bear in mind and so many differing factors to deal with, trying to work with numerous different advisors makes getting the best results virtually impossible.

You can avoid the confusion, errors and stress involved in trying to coordinate finances, funding, effects upon taxes and savings, plus school selection and admissions, by finding and utilizing a single advisor who can guide you through this maze of decisions.

With a one-stop shopping approach to choosing the right school, all factors are taken care of under one roof, thus ensuring all solutions dovetail and produce the  best possible outcome for you and your child.

Below are just some of the important factors a comprehensive advisory program will help you with:

*  Consult with your child to discover what their interests are and what career and
college path will motivate and excite them.  This helps ensure the student
participates and gives their “all” to the planning and admissions process.

*  Work with you and your child on creating the optimum college list for your
unique and specific financial needs and the academic qualifications and
desires of your child.

*   Provide one-on-one coaching for your child to help them get through
everything from SATs to college applications and admissions essays to asking
the right questions during college visits and the admission process.

*  Aid in finding the “right fit” college to ensure your child excels and graduates
in four years.

*  Putting together the “package” to maximize your
child’s appeal to college admissions officers and ensuring the maximum
financial aid and funding.

*  Determine the scholarships available to your student

*  Tax efficient funding strategies

*  Calculate expected family contribution

*  Provide financial aid award estimates

*   Advise you on all applicable strategies to keep your out-of-pocket college
costs as low as legally possible

In the final analysis what we are working toward is the correct financial planning, the “right fit” of college for you and your student, and the preparation to look as good as possible on admissions forms and testing so the college offers the highest amount of funding to get your child to attend.

Choosing a college funding plan that fits your means and goals is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your child’s life. To learn more about which plan is right for you, call us or contact us online to get a free no-obligation consultation or join us at our next College Funding Seminar.

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