💰🧠 Do You Know Your Stuff? Test Your Tax IQ with Our Quirky Income Tax Quiz! 🧠💰 - Palma Financial

Now that income tax season is over for some taxpayers, let’s see how much you know about individual income taxes in the US. Take our fun and a quirky quiz to test your tax IQ! 🤓💰💡

Which of the following taxes provides the highest percentage of federal revenue in 2022?
A) Corporate taxes

B) Excise taxes
C) Income taxes

D) Social Security taxes

True or False: The top 1% of earners in the US pay more than 70% of all income taxes. 🤔💰

A) True

B) False

How much can you save in taxes with a 401(k) contribution? 🤔

A) Up to $1,000

B) Up to $5,000

C) Up to $10,000

D) Up to $19,500

Which of the following tax credits is NOT available for individuals in the US? 🤔
A) Earned Income Tax Credit

B) Child Tax Credit

C) Lifetime Learning Credit

D) Corporate Tax Credit

True or False: The tax credit for electric vehicles in the US is the same for American-made and foreign-made vehicles. 🤔

A) True

B) False


(C) Income taxes provide the highest percentage of federal revenue in 2022, at 54%.
(B) False. The top 1% of earners in the US pay about 40% of all income taxes.
(D) You can save up to $19,500 in taxes with a 401(k) contribution.
(D) There is no such thing as a corporate tax credit for individuals.
(B) False. Under a new proposal by the Biden administration, American-made electric vehicles may be eligible for a higher tax credit than foreign-made vehicles.

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