Bookkeeping 101: Tax Preparer vs Planner What Is The Difference?

Bookkeeping 101: What is the difference between a TAX PREPARER and a TAX PLANNER?

There’s a MAJOR difference between a tax preparer and a TAX PLANNER. A tax preparer tells you how much you “OWE” A tax planner tells you how much you can “SAVE.” Right now, we’re offering FREE tax assessments to businesses who want to keep more of their hard-earned money. 

So how do you do tax planning with a business when so much is still uncertain? Very carefully and with an experienced bookkeeper. We know the current situation, and we know we could be seeing changes across:

* Individual Income Tax Rates Going Up To Almost 40%

* Capital Gains Rates To Over 40%

* Corporate Tax Rates To 28%

* Elimination of Step Up In Basis

* Partial Elimination of QBID

* Elimination of S/E Cap of $137,700

* Child Tax Credits

* Repatriation of Profits

* Energy Tax Incentives

* Itemized Deductions


* Healthcare

Any or all of which could be retroactive to 1/1/2021. And who knows what else. And you need to sit down with a good bookkeeper (us) and look at what to do.

2021 – before CARES II and tax law changes

2021 – after CARES II and tax law changes

2022 – and beyond.

Let us take care of your tax and accounting needs, so you can concentrate on what you do best running your business!! Let’s discuss more in a strategy session. Book Your Free Assessment Here.