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Do you own a small business? If so, you should have a small business CPA to help you navigate your finances and taxes. But not any small business CPA. One that knows how to save you the most money.

For instance, did you know that this might be your last chance to submit your EIDL application to fund your small business? If not, you may want to find a more knowledgeable small business CPA. Like us.

The truth is that $38 billion in small-business relief funds will soon disappear.

This is because of the upcoming infrastructure bill, which will reallocate funds from the small-business relief fund for a much-needed infrastructure overhaul.

While the infrastructure bill is necessary, it could be yet another blow for businesses still needing aid.

Some resources will be taken from a fund that has previously existed to help struggling companies survive and to help create jobs. The proposed bill would siphon off these relief funds with no assurance that the money will return to the original program.

What could this mean for those relying on it?

The window is closing to submit your EIDL application.

The funds for the S.B.A.’s debt relief program could dry up by September 20.

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