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Tax credits are a great way to reduce your taxes. The IRS allows people like you to take certain tax deductions every year.

Key Point: Remember that your tax credit can expire because you lose them if you don’t use them!

There is a possibility you might be already doing things to lower your taxable income, such as using your 401(k), contributing to your IRA, selling certain stocks that weigh down your portfolio, and establishing a 529 plan or an HSA…

You might be overpaying the IRS this upcoming year. If you feel like your taxes are too high and impact how much money is left for other things, don’t worry. There are many different ways people can get themselves into better financial standing with Palma Financial Services.

Wouldn’t it be nice to pay fewer taxes?

Let’s lower your taxable income further and reduce your tax liability.  

You lose them if you don’t find available deductions or credits you qualify for!

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