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What to Expect from a Competent College Funding Advisor

To get a good idea of what makes a competent college funding advisor, first we should look at the people you should not rely on to help you make the proper decisions regarding the planning of the financial side of your childrens higher education.

School financial aid counselors can offer some help. However, with the average counselor to student ratio of 950 to 1, you can see that the overload may get in the way of the attention and guidance they can provide.

Although its normal to want to find out what other parents and friends have come up with regarding college funding, the information you get from them is quite likely unreliable.  They are not professionals.  Additionally, what might be a good plan for one student and familial situation may be completely wrong for another.

College admissions counselors know a great deal about tuition and financial aid in regards to their school. However, this, again, is a limited view.

What you really want in a competent college funding advisor is someone who understands all aspects of college funding and how to help select the school and the funding that are right for your child and your financial situation.

A competent college funding advisor offers more than information.  A true advisor consults with you to come up with a strategic funding plan.  Some of the points your advisor should cover with you are:

* Finding the college that is the right fit for you child to ensure he or she excels and graduates in four years.

* Assisting by preparing your child and packaging their strengths in a way that
maximizes his or her appeal to college admissions officers.

* Strategies that Legally Protect your Savings and Retirement Accounts From the Financial Aid Formulas

* Expected family Contribution and Ways to Reduce this Figure

* Financial Aid Award Estimates for an Unlimited Number of Schools

* Recommend the Best Way to Pay Your Share of College Costs

* Provide Cost-Efficient Borrowing Strategies to Help Keep Financial Aid Goals
in Line, Along With Cash Flow Strategies

* Assists with the Appeals Process Including Access to Award Package

* Provide Guidance on Paperwork and Funding Applications and Deadlines

* Help by Providing Admissions Essay Review

* Provide Tax Efficient Funding Strategies

* Tax Planning to Reduce Income and Minimize Assets to Ensure the Maximum Award.

* Professionally Evaluate all Financial Aid Awards

* Planning to help ensure you are not overlooked for Grants, Scholarships, or Loans Due to Mistakes in Applications

* Work With Your Personal Finance Situation to Maximize Outside Funding While Making the Best Use of Your Own Resources
The best college funding advisor will have all this information, guidance and these services in one place to help you through the college funding process in the best way possible.  He will help you take advantage of all avenues to get you the greatest amount of funding assistance and intelligent financial planning for the years your child will spend in the college that is right for them.

Choosing a college funding plan that fits your means and goals is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your childs life. To learn more about which plan is right for you, call us or contact us online to get a free no-obligation consultation or reserve your spot in the next seminar.

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