How You Can Navigate the IRA Maze Like the Johnsons & Save 10% - Palma Financial

Meet Sarah and John Johnson, just like you and me, dreaming of a happy retirement but faced with the perplexing puzzle of IRA withdrawals. Concerned about the 10% tax penalty, they were trapped in a maze without an exit.

That’s when they turned to us. We unveiled the secret passages within the IRA maze, showing them the way to:

🏠 First-time home purchases
🎓 Higher education expenses
🩺 Medical expenses
♿ Disability or SEPPs

With our guidance, the Johnsons funded their daughter’s education from their IRA – penalty-free!

Don’t wander in the financial maze. Let us guide you, just as we guided the Johnsons, to a more secure and penalty-free future.

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