Is Your Tax Accountant Proactive or Reactive? - Palma Financial

What is the problem with the current breed of tax accountants?

By definition, the word proactive is “creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened.”

What does all of this mean when it comes to taxes?

With so many tax changes, the difference between proactive and reactive tax accountants was never more evident in recent years.

  • Did your accountant advise you of specific actions to take advantage of these changes or react after the fact?
  • Do you ever wonder why your accountant doesn’t talk to you about tax planning?
  • Do you only hear from your accountant when it is time to file your taxes?
  • Does your accountant only call you to tell you how much you have to pay the IRS?

Most accountants only focus on preparing your tax returns at year-end and only talk to you once a year.

Hence, the majority of people overpay in taxes. We choose a different approach, take a step back, and work with you to figure out how to save your business the maximum amount of taxes each year.

We are proactive.

If your accountant hasn’t mentioned tax planning, this is your sign to start the discussion with me on a strategy session.

Talk soon!