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Are you late filing a tax return? Have you missed a few years and want to get caught up? Tax Preparers Near Me can help.

We can help you prepare and file prior-year tax returns.

If you have challenges with lost records, we can help you through the process. It’s easier than you may think. Sometimes all the worry you’ve built up when you haven’t filed can be more prominent in your mind than it is if you get help now to get it done. Take the first step and book an appointment here.

What are my options if my tax return is late?

When your return is late, there are two penalties: failure to pay and failure to file. These penalties only get more significant the more time you wait. The best option is to get professional help to work out a payment plan with the IRS or the state. With tax professionals like us negotiating for you, it’s common to get a portion of the amount due forgiven.

Tax Preparers Near Me 

We at Palma Financial are experts in IRS tax problem resolution and help taxpayers with their problems every day. There is always an answer, so give us a call! 925-307-5454 or Take the first step and book an appointment here.