Lo And Behold! New Draft Bill Released 📜 - Palma Financial

I wanted to update you quickly on recent legislative changes regarding the debt ceiling. A new draft bill, the “Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023,” has been released, and I want to highlight its impact on business owners like yourself.

Key Points from the Bill:

  • Rescinding Unspent COVID-19 Funds: Unspent COVID-19 funds will be redirected to address ongoing challenges effectively.
  • Revised IRS Expansion Plans: The IRS expansion budget will be reduced, with funds allocated for modernization and additional audits.
  • Capping Spending on Non-Defense Programs: The bill proposes to maintain spending levels on non-defense programs for the next two years, with a slight increase in 2025.
  • Student Loan Relief: The bill includes provisions to lift student loan payments and the interest freeze.

What impact does this have on you? 😮

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