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Is Your Tax Accountant Costing You Money?

Do you know the difference between tax planning and tax preparation? Tax planning is a proactive approach that can help you legally lower what you owe in taxes. It involves much more than just preparing the proper forms. People often mistakenly believe that their CPA is trying to save them money when they pay for tax preparation services, but that’s not their job. They’re only preparing your return for IRS compliance, which can cost you more than you realize.

Our tax planning clients, on average, save $38,569 annually.

Tax Saving Strategies:

At Palma Financial Services, we help business owners with customized tax-saving strategies. Even if your accountant has the best intentions, you’re probably still missing out on crucial ways you could be saving thousands of dollars each year.

Did you know that many businesses aren’t adequately structured to save money on taxes? Palma tax experts review more than deductions. We look at things like your retirement and insurance accounts, tax cuts, R & D credits, and even hidden loopholes most accountants ignore. Often, there are also niche-specific strategies business owners could be taking advantage of every year.

Request Your Custom Tax Plan:

Business owners leave millions of dollars on the table each year due to simple mistakes and lack of tax planning—Book a free tax assessment strategy here to determine your tax savings.