Our Story

Miguel & Michael Palma - wealth managers in Dublin CASearching for financial wellness? It is one thing to ponder this age-old quest but quite another to seek out its resolve. This is the core focus each day in the office of Miguel Angel Palma, Certified Public Accountant “CPA” and Personal Financial Specialist “PFS”. Palma Financial Services, Inc. provides a full spectrum of financial management services, ranging from simple bookkeeping and tax preparation to more sophisticated tax structures.

Starting out with a thorough interview to determine what a prospective client wants and considers a measure of success, Miguel then utilizes this information to begin establishing a client relationship centered on reaching short and long term goals. With a strong specialization in niche markets, Miguel uses a host of plans and solutions designed for creating and preserving asset accumulation through tax minimization and asset strategies, pension and life insurance acquisition. Miguel avails himself to his clients with the intent to make them feel as if they have a full-time CEO on staff.

Miguel’s financial convictions are so strong that he leads by example. As a result of the real estate tsunami the majority of the real estate industry in Northern California experienced significant financial setbacks, as one can expect the firm’s revenue were adversely impacted as well. Despite the financial setback his firm was able to survive and eventually thrive during the challenging economic times, as a result of his own financial planning and conservative approach to business. Surprisingly, most of his clients that follow his simple strategy to incorporate, draw a regular salary, pay payroll taxes, establish an emergency reserve, fund a retirement plan and live within their means were able to preserve some wealth and most importantly provide for their family during the recession.

Miguel practices what he preaches by following the same steps he advocates for his clients.

Investing in Knowledge

As a young immigrant, Miguel arrived in the U.S. from Nicaragua at the tender age of 11. An astute child, he quickly noted that the pursuit of a higher education would be the ticket to his accomplishment. Despite the many obstacles Miguel faced as an adolescent he did what was required to attain his degree and professional credentials, often working multiple jobs and attending college in the evenings and on weekends.

Following graduation and passing of the CPA examination Miguel went to work with such well-known national accounting firms as Price Waterhouse and Deloitte & Touche. He also worked with local giant Levi Strauss as one of their top financial team members. The experience Miguel gained during those years became part of his strategy for success in advising his clients today. He employs similar strategies normally used by corporate American and scales them to service the independent, small and medium size company. Miguel teaches his clients and in the appropriate situations, encourages the use of his financial pillars: incorporation, Defined Benefit Retirement Plans, and after careful consideration a real estate investment component could serve as a hedge to round up a client’s investment portfolio.

Miguel’s passion, knowledge and education have parlayed into the earning of the Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) designation; a credential awarded by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants recognizing “CPA’s with considerably professional experience in financial planning.”

Miguel’s educational fervor translates to his practice daily. You will often find Miguel in his greatest element while conducting consultations with clients or delivering an instructional class, professing, “Whether you are a large international corporation or a Realtor, you need to make your money work for you and boost your financial performance.” Miguel believes that an educated consumer will normally make the wisest decisions, therefore more likely to result in the desired outcome. Miguel routinely hosts seminars and is frequently called upon by the media, both print and radio because of his expertise and bilingual proficiency in insurance, annuities, retirement planning, corporate structures, real estate and tax matters. He prides himself in his ability to reach out and assist the Hispanic consumer, which is fast becoming a large consumer in North America.
Dublin accountants and personal wealth managers in the reception room

The Time for Action is Now

We’ve all heard the clichés, “there is no better time than the present” or “time sits still for no one” and nothing holds truer when it comes to meeting with a financial advisor according to Miguel. Whether it’s the need to fund a child’s education, or prepare for future business expansion, the hardship of a disability, long term care or retirement, Miguel says the time to start planning is now. The time value of money, tax deferral and the power of leverage through a traditional home mortgage can yield outstanding long term results. “ Many of the financial products available to help fund retirement are age or health weighted, so the earlier you start the better off you may be,” says Miguel.

Advances in medical and biotechnologies have or will soon place many in a financial quandary. While we are somewhat assured that we will live longer lives, few are taking the necessary steps to provide for those loftier life spans. It is Miguel’s professional opinion that those who desire future financial security will have to do a better job on their financial goals now. Miguel encourages his clients to visit for financial check-ups throughout the year or in anticipation of a major financial decision to maximize best results. Miguel says that “routine financial appointments should become as important as your regular physical or dental maintenances.” He reminds us once again that financial goals are planned for.
Miguel Palma, CPA, is very conscious of the need to prepare his clients to live longer prospective life cycles and advocates for them to save and invest during their highest income grossing years while leveraging those earnings to supply for their future financial welfare. Miguel can illustrate the many opportunities afforded by the tax code that provide for tax deferred growth.

“Developing financial competence requires expertise and action today to assess the needs of tomorrow” – Miguel Palma, CPA/PFS

A Living Success

A key to any successful life means so much more than financial freedom, and Miguel firmly believes that a truly triumphant existence is when you leave this world a little bit better off than when you first arrived. Miguel contributes in countless ways to assure that he has made his humanitarian offerings, whether it is funding and playing Santa annually to more than 6,000 disadvantage children in his hometown in Nicaragua, or mentoring students who wish to pursue a career in accounting.

Success also comes in the form of admiration from those who know him well. As one of Miguel’s personal acquaintances put it, “Miguel Palma is one of the most generous, intelligent and humble men you will ever meet. It’s easy to see why he has gained the confidence and respect of so many.”