I’m back, but not with another game-changing policy: Umbrella Insurance. Think of it as a security blanket for your finances, protecting against unforeseen lawsuits and liabilities. It’s an invaluable asset for both business owners and rental property managers.

Why Consider Umbrella Insurance?

  1. Financial Safety Net: It serves as a backup plan, mitigating the financial burden of potential lawsuits, accidents, or property damage that exceeds your primary insurance coverage.
  2. Cost-Effective Protection: While the cost varies based on your specific needs, it’s typically quite affordable compared to the potential financial security it offers. It’s an investment in peace of mind.

Examples of Protection: 

  • Imagine scenarios like…A fire at your rental property leaves your building and a neighbor’s damaged. While your insurance covers parts, the remaining repair costs could be substantial. Umbrella insurance steps in, shielding you from financial strain.


  • A customer alleges an allergic reaction to your product, triggering a lawsuit. Your commercial liability insurance might not cover the full settlement, exposing you. But your umbrella policy would provide essential protection.


  • A disgruntled tenant accuses you of discrimination, leading to legal expenses. Your umbrella policy helps alleviate the financial burden, ensuring you’re not vulnerable.

While we do not sell casualty insurance, only Life Insurance, I’m passionate about helping people understand its importance and making informed decisions.

I encourage you to discuss umbrella insurance with your trusted insurance agent. They can guide you through the options and tailor a plan that perfectly aligns with your needs and risk profile.

Let’s work together with your insurance agent to ensure you have a complete financial safety net. Schedule your tax assessment with us, and we’ll collaborate with your agent to create a holistic plan for your peace of mind.

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