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mitigate your texes using advanced strategies and techniques

A Charitable Limited Liability Company allows high income earners to shelter a portion of their income from taxes. These types of tax vehicles are used by some of the wealthiest and highest profile people, including Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Dr. Priscilla Chan!

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why hire palma financial?

You have a business to run, employees to manage, schedules to adhere to, and personal goals to meet. Imagine how much time you could repurpose to these areas if you delegated your accounting to our Professional Accounting Services.


Save money and time by allowing us to be your accounting experts handling tasks like reviews, audits, payroll, reconciliation and year end closing. Focus on getting that new hire, explore expansion, maybe even take a vacation; all of these and more become possible when you hire Palma Financial as your accounting firm. We do all of this and more as a Spanish speaking CPA as well!

the support you need today for tomorrow’s vision.

It’s time to scale your vision and put your business into high gear. You are not going to get to the next level unless you bring in more help, and that help starts with Professional Accounting Services from Palma Financial.

how can palma financial help me?

So, what are some of the criteria, benefits and considerations when looking at using a Charitable LLC? Below we explore the answers:


If you make more than 400k a year or have a tax liability of over 100k (this includes businesses), you owe it to yourself to call us. Learn what your options are.


Charitable Limited Liability Companies allow you to reduce or eliminate up to 60% of your AGI! Stop paying more than you have to!


Foundations require filing extra forms (990-PF), have contribution minimum requirements (5%) and also don’t allow other flexible investment strategies. The CLLC is a much better option.


Using a Charitable LLC for tax planning puts you in the driver seat. You can create strategies around gifts and donations made directly to the charity and even gift portions or units of your charity as a strategy.

“I’ve always had a heart for helping people, and with philanthropic tendencies, I was looking for a way to donate better and help causes that I was truly passionate about. The estate planning experts at Palma Financial helped me understand different charitable vehicles and structures to help accomplish what I want in the most tax-efficient way!”

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