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what would your family do ifsomething unexpected happen to you?

When someone passes away without life insurance the loss becomes compounded when the financial strain starts to bear down on the family. Loved ones who have been left behind with no support system is a situation we see far too frequently. For this reason we incorporate life insurance services into each of our clients’ financial plans.

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With over 20 years of experience as life insurance experts in San Jose, we have also seen the weight lift of the shoulders of surviving loved ones when they learn that we helped establish an appropriate insurance portfolio, while their significant other was alive.

life insurance designed to fit your needs

As life insurance experts we craft insurance portfolios around your needs and your goals. Holistic and forward looking planning is imperative when discussing insurance needs, and these days life insurance can be used to handle many challenges and help achieve large goals.

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life insurance solves many needs

Many people view life insurance as just another expense. Here at Palma Financial, we use life insurance services as an asset as well. Here are a few ways life insurance can be used in a sound financial plan:


The primary function of life insurance is to provide funds to a surviving spouse or loved one in the case of lost income. The death benefit is tax free and goes to the beneficiary for support


Using life insurance as a tool to provide a means for kids and grandkids to go to college is very common. The idea of direct children and descendants benefiting from a difficult time is of great comfort to many clients.


Life insurance can provide tax free income at retirement! Many people don’t realize, but using life insurance this way, turns it into an asset rather than a liability.


Build a foundation or a charity. Donate to your college or high school. Make an impact in the community around you. These are the goals that many of my clients have already achieved.


If you have a higher net worth, you run into the unique problem of estate taxes. Life insurance can be used to cover that bill, so your beneficiaries don’t have to sell assets out of your estate.


Certain products that we have guarantee you will be insured. Additionally, if you purchase life insurance for kids or young adults, they can keep and use this policy later in life, even if they become uninsurable.

“Having an accountant is valuable. As my business began picking up speed, I realized that I couldn’t do accounting myself, and hiring someone full time wasn’t an option. Palma Financial fits this need perfectly. Thank you!”

Sarah Camden