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Dublin CA Tax Resolution

What Palma Financial Services, Inc. Can Do For You

We help resolve issues between you and the IRS.

We create a plan to resolve your situation which may include:

  • submitting an offer in compromise
  • setting up an installment agreement
  • requesting penalty abatement

Just supply us with all of the information needed to develop the best plan, and Palma Financial Services, Inc. will help provide the best choice based on your individual tax situation.

Our goal is to offer you a clear understanding of the process for resolving your tax problem and provide you with realistic expectations as to probable outcomes. We will negotiate the lowest possible IRS payment, under the most favorable schedule, allowed by law.

Just bring in all the proper documents for our consultation.

We act as your IRS Power of Attorney.

Because you probably prefer avoiding direct communication with the IRS, you may greatly benefit from the guidance of a tax resolution company that is experienced in this type of communication and negotiation; and thus can be a middleman between you and the IRS. It’s best to have someone with experience on your side and a winning track record, than to try and do everything on your own. Let us remove that stress for you.

Proud Members of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers

The Certified Tax Resolution Specialist designation is awarded to individuals who have met the educational, experience, and examination requirements prescribed by ASTPS. The CTRS designation is restricted to Enrolled Agent, CPA or Attorney members in good standing of the American Society of Tax problem Solvers, who have proven expertise to resolve a wide range of tax problems.


~ American Society of Tax Problem Solvers

Palma Financial Services, Inc. values the trust that our clients place in us. We hold ourselves to the highest standards because you require the experience that will successfully negotiate the often muddled waters of IRS tax resolution. If we keep your trust and confidence, then we know that you will keep returning to us, while also recommending our services to your family and friends.


A Certified Tax Resolution Specialist must exhibit high moral and professional character. A CTRS represents clients before various taxing authorities to negotiate favorable solutions to their tax problems, therefore a reputation for truthfulness, credibility and adherence to ethical principles are mandatory.

~ American Society of Tax Problem Solvers

Palma Financial Services, Inc. is eager to show you how our character made the Tax Resolution difference for scores of happy clients, whether you live in Dublin CA or the Greater East Bay.

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