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Have you experienced significant losses in crypto investments like Luna and FTX?

!Discover a silver lining as we unveil how you can transform these setbacks into valuable tax deductions. Gain exclusive insights into the world of crypto tax planning.

The IRS Chief Counsel Memorandum (CCA 202302011), released on January 13, 2023, provides strategic moves to maximize your tax benefits. Here are key strategies:

Dispose of the Tokens: If a liquid market exists, consider selling the tokens for a nominal amount. This enables you to claim a capital loss deduction on Schedule D.

Abandonment as an Option: When no liquid market is available, abandonment may be an alternative. Abandon the tokens by sending them to a burner or invalid address, demonstrating an abandonment loss in a business transaction. Maintain thorough documentation.

Don’t let the crash overshadow the tax benefits within your reach. Consult with our experienced team of crypto tax experts to navigate complexities, analyze losses, and develop personalized tax strategies. Uncover the secrets of crypto tax planning and position yourself for substantial savings.

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