Tax Preparations and Planning Services | Has the IRS Contacted You?

Has the IRS contacted you? Tax preparations and planning services can help you navigate.

If so, it’s usually for one of these reasons:

  1. They want to correct a math error on your return
  2. They need to tell you about a duplicate or missing payment
  3. They have to request missing information

However, some notices indicate a more severe problem.

Some IRS notices will demand payment from an overdue tax bill. Other times, it will be about your refund being withheld due to a discrepancy or — for the unlucky few — an impending audit.

Luckily, you are unaware of the IRS trying to contact you about anything recently.

You seem to be in good standing, which makes it easier to implement some potential big tax-saving strategies this year.

Between various tax deductions and tax credits, it’s entirely possible you can save a lot on your upcoming return.

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